Zeek: I want to create my era

22 February 2022 Krzysztof Kubicki

Read part of the interview with Starxo & Zeek about the new season of Valorant Champions Tour. The interview was conducted by an Esportmania journalist.

What motivates you to the next season of competition?

Zeek: Above all, I am motivated because I am the world champion, and I want to continue to prove that I am still the best player in the world. I have no such thing that I rest on my laurels after achieving the championship. I want to further improve both individual and team games. I would like to win the current titles and those that will come next. I want to create my era.

Is VALORANT a game specifically for young people who feel the so-called vibe?

Starxo: Any player who shows their emotions during the match is genuine and natural. The way I react during matches has been part of me from an early age. This is what I am all my life; it gives me comfort and, in a way, builds the team and gives them more self-confidence.

Do you have players on the Polish scene who you follow because they have a lot of potential?

Starxo: I am a fan of Katu. I think he is an outstanding job and presents a very nice and intelligent level of gameplay. I always say that I always keep an eye on him, and he is the only player I can recommend at the moment.”

Watch the full interview on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zH3iAcGjwLo
Photo: Lance Skundrich / Riot Games



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